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Gospel Graphic Set

Gospel Graphic Set


Elevate your advertising game effortlessly with our customizable Gospel Graphic Set! This set of 4 is designed with precision, each flyer is sized perfectly to fit Instagram in high resolution and/or printed to ensure your message stands out seamlessly.


This versatile collection allows you to choose your preferred design or incorporate personal images, photos, and Logos, provided they meet our quality standards. This design comes with the option to include High-Quality Ai generated images to fine-tune your model!


Need tweaks? 3 minor revisions are included, while a complete design overhaul can be accommodated for a nominal fee.


To streamline the process, utilize our customization guide or opt for our fast-track option for expedited service.


Please plan accordingly, especially for event flyers, as completion typically takes 7-10 business days. Rush service is also available for those tight deadlines. 

  • Next Steps!

    You will not receive your final flyers in the next download. Included in the download is a customization guide, to help you determine your edits before your flyer is designed. Please plan accordingly, the design queue is automated and timely reflects the current workflow.


    During your check-out you will provide your email address and other contact information - That information will be used to contact you for your 1st consultation. 


    A member of our design team will reach out to you within 3-5 business days for your 1st consultation.


    Feel free to email your edits to our team to expedite your service. Be sure to follow the customization guide to avoid unnecessary revisions!


    This consultation is usually less than 30 minutes if the client has already determined the edits to apply to each flyer, according to the customization guide.


    Use your customization guide as a tool to identify which aspects of the flyer you want to change.


    To ensure consistent branding, accurate information, and a timely response please review the customization guide before your consultation.


    Each Graphic receives 3 Revisions. Revisions do not start until after your initial consultation, Any additional edits are subject to more charges. 

  • Zip Files?

    Once your download is complete, the customization guide will appear in a "Zip File".


    For Mobile: On your device, open the Files app. Locate the file you wish to open in the “Downloads” section of the app. Tap the zip file. Your device will automatically begin unzipping it. Save to Gallery


    For Computer: On your device, open the Downloads folder. Locate the file you wish to open. Find the "Extract All" function/button. Your device will automatically create an identical file that is decompressed and available to view.

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